Looking for Family-Friendly Neighbourhoods in Toronto? Here is Your List!


Toronto remains as one of the best places to live in for families in Canada but some neighbourhoods can prove to be better choices than others for your specific needs. With dozens of amazing Toronto neighbourhoods to choose from, it is understandably confusing and challenging to pick one that will be best for your family. We’ve compiled the top 5 best Toronto neighbourhoods for families with kids in this write-up. Read up and find out which one could be your future home below!

Bloor West Village

Within Toronto is Bloor West Village, a neighbourhood with homes in timeless architecture, streets lined up with trees, and plenty of things for children of all ages. There are many shops and bakeries offering delectable goodies. Homes average at around $1,108,250 which isn’t the most affordable in this list but great schools are nearby, parks are everywhere, and the safety track record is superb.

Danforth Village

Danforth Village is more than a tourist attraction and not just known for its culinary festival. This Toronto neighbourhood has a lot of culture, dining, and shopping attractions for all ages. Speaking of real estate, Danforth Village offers properties at an average of $990,201. This area has a small-town feel despite being in the middle of the big city. Schools here include William J McCordic School, Gledhill J.P.S., and Secord Elementary School.

Davisville Village

Just further north located in midtown Toronto is Davisville Village where homes average at $909,735. Hodgson Senior Public School and Davisville J.P.S. are in this Toronto neighbourhood which is great for growing kids while the commute is just a quick transit ride or drive to the downtown core for parents. Parks, green spaces, and recreational centres abound as well as eateries and shops. Homes come in all designs and styles with some reminiscent of the 1920s and 1930s.


A favourite for young families, Leslieville offers homes at an average of just $735,133. This Toronto neighbourhood is close to the downtown and has plenty of nice schools such as the Riverdale Collegiate Institute and Leslieville J.P.S.. Leslieville also has trendy shops, eateries, cafes, kid-friendly entertainment, community centres, and parks for the whole family enjoy. The recent revitalization of the area made it one of the best Toronto neighbourhoods for young families who are looking for condos, townhomes, and residential units.

The Beaches

The Beaches is a Toronto neighbourhood that is equally sought-after by both singles and families. The stellar view of Lake Ontario and the beautiful sandy beaches are the main allure but is also much loved for the low crime rate and great schools such as Glen Ames Senior Public School and Kew Beach J.P.S. Properties are quite a good deal, averaging at only $1,001,410.

Toronto has plenty of great family-friendly neighbourhoods for you to choose from. The 5 neighbourhoods mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. If you want a deeper insight on the best Toronto neighbourhood for your family, you may first want to check out feeDuck to get in touch with low commission real estate agents in Toronto who can give you professional advice without breaking the bank as well as represent you when buying a home in Toronto. If you’re unsure whether you need a Toronto real estate agent or not, just know that a good real estate agent can help you avoid red flags when buying a home plus save you both time and money. Visit feeDuck Canada today to find a Toronto real estate agent for free.