Looking for an Agent?

How long does the auction process take?
Every auction is 24 hours long and you will receive email updates throughout the process.
Are the real estate professionals credible agents?
feeDuck is proud to verify every real estate professional individually, and every agent is from a reputable brokerage.
Who has direct access to my information?
We only ask for your email address, phone number and some basic details about the home you’re selling or the property you’re looking for.  Your contact information is only released to the winning agent. Please note that we will require your full address.
Why didn’t my auction start?
feeDuck will be contacting you to verify your details before we release your auction to reputable agents.
Am I obligated to meet with the winning agent?
Once the winning real estate professional contacts you, he/she will contact with you in order to attempt to win your business. You are under no obligation after that first contact to meet or work with the agent after the initial meeting.
What happens if I don’t like the agent that wins the auction?
If you are not completely satisfied with the winning real estate professional, you are under no obligation to work with that agent.
What happens to my information after the transaction?
Once the auction is closed and your information has been passed onto the winning agent, your information will remain confidential.
How can I contact FeeDuck?
Contact us at info@feeDuck.com.
How much does it cost me to use FeeDuck?
There is no fee for you! Whether you are selling or buying, our job is you keep more money in your pocket while connecting you with reputable agents in your area. Save thousands on commission fees if you’re selling, or receive a great cash rebate if you’re buying!
How many times can I go through the process?
It is our goal to provide you with a quality real estate professional the first time that you use our service, but you are welcome to use as many times as you wish.

Real Estate Professionals

How much does it really cost to use feeDuck.com? Are there any hidden or back-ended fees?
If you win an auction, you will be charged an admin fee of $170 (+ applicable taxes) for single “Sell only” or “Buy only” auctions.  Auctions that are both “Buy and Sell” will be only $300 (+ applicable taxes). There is no other cost to you at any stage! No monthly cost! No cost to participate in the auction!
How active do I need to be to ensure that my feeDuck.com account remains active?
You can participate in as many or as few auctions as you wish. You choose your level of participation with feeDuck.com auctions with no obligation or risk of your account becoming inactive.
How do you verify a homeowner and property?
When a homeowner enters in a property, feeDuck manually contacts the homeowner to verify property details and to confirm that they are not already working with an agent.
What happens if I win the auction but do not secure the lead?
At feeDuck.com we match up quality real estate professionals with property sellers and buyers. It is up to the agent to use his/her sales expertise to secure the lead after contacting the client.
What is the point of bidding if I already know that a discount agent will always outbid me?
We also verify the real estate professionals on our site to ensure that every agent works with an established quality broker. Discount agents and brokers are not welcome at feeDuck.com!
Can any agent join feeDuck?
No. Only quality agents working with established brokers are welcome at feeDuck.com. feeDuck is only as good as the agents we work with!
How am I protected from being perceived as a discount agent?
All agents will remain anonymous throughout the entire registration and bidding process. Your identity will only be revealed to the property seller when you win an auction.
Why can’t I bid on a property that is out of my area?
Sellers and Buyers have told us they want to work with agents who understand their neighborhoods so that they are represented in the best possible way and can get top dollar for their homes.  We’re sorry but we cannot issue refunds on auctions that are out-of-area.  
When will I know if I have been outbid?
Bidding agents will receive instant email notification when outbid during the auction. At that point, you may choose to update your bid or simply bow out of that particular auction.
If I win an auction, how soon afterwards will I receive the client’s information?
Immediately after an auction ends, the winning agent will be given access to the client’s information once payment is processed. feeDuck recommends that agents contact the property seller within 24 hours to avoid having the homeowner re-list their property.
How long is each auction?
Each auction lasts 24 hours, and agents can sign up for desired alerts along the way.
What type of information will I receive about the property before bidding on a sell auction?
In addition to property details, you will see the property seller’s preferences including feature sheets, home inspections, and virtual tours if desired.
Can I post links to my website? Facebook? Twitter?
Yes. When setting up your profile, you may create links to any marketing materials that you wish. These will only be revealed to the client once you have won an auction and payment is processed.
Can I advertise on feeDuck.com?
No. We want all professional real estate agents to have fair and equal access to winning auctions. There will be advertising opportunities on feeDuck.com but not to agents.
How do I factor in the commission that I have to pay to the buying agent?
It is expected that all agents using feeDuck.com will offer the buying agents their standard commission rates.
Why is feeDuck.com worthy of any of my marketing dollars?
Considering that no other marketing tool gives you direct and exclusive access to verified leads, with no initial, monthly or participation fees, there is no better return on your marketing dollar than using feeDuck.com!
How many agents participating in the auction receive the client’s information?
All agents receive the property details and preferences when participating in an auction, but only the winning agent receives the client’s contact information.
Any additional questions?
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at info@feeDuck.com