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feeDuck connects you with a professional real estate agent - keeping money in your pocket. Fill in your house details or desired home buying criteria, and reputable real estate professionals will compete for your business through a 24 hour auction.

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I had a GREAT POSITIVE experience due to my usage on feeDuck. I had a great person I met...his team supported the effort to sell my house... I am super satisfied and appreciative of the feeDuck tool - it helped me greatly.
–  A. Jenkins
The agent was a great guy, highly professional, well organized and well informed. I will recommend him without hesitation. His experience and understanding on the job is a joy to behold.
–  Femi A.
The agent that served us was very personable and professional. The agent worked very hard on our behalf, and we felt very assured in their hands given how stressful selling or buying a house can be.
–  Fergus C.
The feeDuck concept is great, and I was happy to use it.
–  Michael M.
I found the feeDuck service excellent and it worked flawlessly. Saved time and basically did the negotiating for you which I am not good at. Robert G.
–  Robert G.



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