Major Red Flags to Avoid When Buying a Home


Buying a home is a huge financial commitment for anyone. You have to be 100% sure that you’re getting exactly what you’ll be paying for by checking every detail and by being on the lookout for inconsistencies and other home buying red flags. We’ve compiled a list of the home defects that you must look for when buying a home below.

Signs of Amateur Repair

Home Buying Red Flags

Homes that have been lived on tend to have a few repairs that were done by the homeowners. While the intent behind these types of repairs is made well, these repairs don’t follow building codes and can lead to more issues down the road.

Water Damage

Home Buying Red Flags2

Water causes the most expensive and damaging effects over time. Poorly maintained downspouts and gutters can cause water damage to walls and foundation.

Presence of Environmental Hazards

Home Buying Red Flags3

Hidden hazards exist, more so in older homes. Lead pipes, old peeling paint, toxic mould, asbestos, and high levels of carbon monoxide are environmental hazards that could be hiding in plain sight. These things will require professional testing and monitoring so hiring a home inspector is a must.

Faulty Wiring Installations

Home Buying Red Flags4

Bad wiring or those that are either too old or poorly installed can cause fires. Look for aluminum wiring, ungrounded outlets, non-existent ground-fault circuit interrupters, non-working panels, and exposed wires to be on the safe side.

Damaged Heating and Cooling Systems

Home Buying Red Flags5

Old or failing heating and cooling systems will cost a lot in maintenance that a replacement will actually save you more in the long run. More so, failing heating and cooling systems may emit carbon monoxide and toxic fumes that can harm you and your family.

Signs of Improper Maintenance

Home Buying Red Flags6

Built up of lint in the dryer and dirty range hoods and filters are all indicators of poor home maintenance. This means that other maintenance projects may have been neglected as well.

Poor Ventilation

Home Buying Red Flags7

Inadequate ventilation means that moisture can build up leading to mould growth and accumulation of other toxins. This can cause damage to the internal structures of the home as well.

Bad Drainage

Home Buying Red Flags8

Inadequate drainage inside and outside the home can lead to water damage in the garage, crawl spaces, and basements. This can cause structural damage as well as pose a health hazard.

Plumbing Issues

Home Buying Red Flags9

Plumbing issues can be due to ill-fitted pipes, old pipes, leaking fixtures, slow drains, or using incompatible materials. These better be addressed before committing to buying a home.

Roof Problems

Home Buying Red Flags10

Damaged roofing should never be ignored. Damages caused by bad roofing can cost more than twice the price for a complete repair or replacement.

Having Rotted Wood

Home Buying Red Flags11

Inspect cupboards, walls, flooring, countertops, and cabinets for wood that may have been exposed to moisture. Make sure that you also check wood outside the home such as eaves, deck, and trim. You may ask for these to be repaired before buying a home or use this to bargain for a discount.

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