Top Home Selling Hacks for Summer Listings


A lot of home sellers list their homes during summer. This means that to make a successful sale, you truly have to stand out from the competition. What makes a home attractive in spring or winter wouldn’t necessarily be the same features that will make it attractive to summer home buyers. If you need some home selling tips that will work great for the warm months ahead, keep on reading!

Make Your Home Match the Season

The best time to show off your home’s exteriors is during summer so you better make the most of doing so this time of the year. Try some of the tips below to entice more people to want to see the inside of your home by making your exteriors drool-worthy this summer!

  • Keep your lawn lush and vibrant. Water your plants and add some fertilizer if needed
  • Trim trees, bushes, and shrubs to give them a lovelier shape
  • Repaint exterior walls or power wash them
  • Weed and mulch existing flower beds
  • Refresh outdoor living spaces
  • Keep the driveway clean and welcoming

Make Outdoor Living Spaces Your Focus

Now is the best time to showcase outdoor living spaces such as garden nooks, gazebos, pool areas, fire pits, and the like. Perhaps make it a part of your showing? Schedule a barbecue or invite prospective buyers for a summer brunch!

Make It Cool

Be sure that your cooling system is working in tip-top shape before letting prospective buyers see your home. You’ll also want to make sure that rooms have good ventilation, windows are not obstructed, and that an HVAC technician has done the necessary checks to make your home ready for summer. Working A/C is a must-have if you truly want to pull off a successful sale for summer.

Repair, Retouch, and Declutter

The last thing you want is for your prospective buyers to see scratched floors, leaky roofs, broken lighting fixtures, and damaged walls. Even the most minute signs of damage can give the impression of a neglected home and will give prospective buyers a reason to haggle for the selling price. You want buyers to see that you’re selling a ready-for-occupancy home that have no need for excessive repairs and is ready to welcome them. Make sure that you depersonalize as well by putting away family photos and other personal items.

Contact Top Notch Real Estate Agents to List Your Home

Professional real estate agents will help you set the price, stage your home for visits, and handle showings for you. You need them to help you present your home in the best possible light while making sure that facts remain facts and no flaws are hidden. A professional real state agent’s service is priceless when selling a home. Professional real estate agents’ commissions in Toronto are truly worth every cent when you consider how much help you’ll be getting in making a successful summer home sale!

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