4 Tips on Selling Your Home for Top Dollar During the Wintertime


Ok, so you’ve decided to list your home during the wintertime. Wintertime can be a great time to sell when done right. There may be fewer buyers on the market, but there are also fewer people listing their homes. That means that if someone really wants to buy a home in a certain neighbourhood, they may be willing to pay more since your home may be the only one for sale in that area.

Winter time is a cool season (literally). It can also be a messy season. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help brighten up your home. Here are four tips on selling your home for top dollar during the wintertime.

Clear the Sidewalk and Driveway

The last thing you want is for a potential homebuyer to slip and fall on your property. While you may not normally stay on top of snow shoveling, you’ll want to make sure you do when your home is for sale. Make sure you’re out there clearing a path on your sidewalk and driveway for buyers to get up to your front steps. Don’t forget to a clear a path from the street, as you don’t want buyers to have to climb over a snowbank to see your home. If you don’t have time to shovel yourself, at least hire someone to do it. It’ll be money well spent.

Brighten Up Your Home

Winter has a habit of being a dreary time of year. Not only does it get dark out at 4:30pm, there are many overcast days to boot. This doesn’t do any favours for your home. It can make a bright home look dreary, the last image you want in the minds of homebuyers.

Lightening up your home by opening the blinds, curtains and shutters during the daytime in every single window in your place. In the late afternoon and evening, make sure you turn on every light in your home. While it may cost you more in terms of electricity, it’s well worth it as more light can help make your home look more spacious.

Crank Up the Heat

I remember going house hunting during the wintertime. Some homes were freezing. I couldn’t wait until I got out of there. Don’t let that be your home as a home seller.

You’ll want the temperature inside your home to be pleasant so that homebuyers are more willing to spend a moment or two longer in your home outside of the cold. Turn up the thermostat so that buyers are nice and toasty. If your furnace is a little on the noisy side, you might consider turning the thermostat a degree or two higher so that the furnace is less likely to come on when buyers are visiting. If you have a fireplace, be sure to use it as well when doing showings.

Don’t Overdo it on the Holiday Decorations

Although you may love the holidays, it doesn’t mean everyone does. There’s nothing wrong with a few low-key decorations for the holidays, but it’s important not to overdo it. While a Christmas tree may be fine, it’s probably best to avoid anything elaborate. The same goes for anything overly religious. You don’t want to risk offending anyone. It’s best to stay neutral. That may mean biting your tongue and leaving your best holiday decorations packed away, but if that means selling your home for more, isn’t it worth it?

These are just a few of our best tips. Happy home selling during the wintertime!

Written by Sean Cooper Sean Cooper is the bestselling author of the book, Burn Your Mortgage: The Simple, Powerful Path to Financial Freedom for Canadians. He bought his first house when he was only 27 in Toronto and paid off his mortgage in just 3 years by age 30. Sean’s helping others with their mortgages as an independent mortgage broker. Get in touch with him for all your mortgage needs. For a free mortgage consultation, email Sean@BurnYourMortgage.ca or call 647–867–3711.