3 Reasons Why Not to Sell Your House By Yourself


It seems easy enough to try to sell your home yourself especially if your property is in a sought-after neighbourhood. Back in the day, your parents, family friends, and people you know may have been able to pull this off successfully without professional help. However, is this a great idea these days? Is it really more challenging to sell a home now than before?

Think of this. Even seasoned realtors and brokers often have a hard time selling a home fast at its asking price now. The process isn’t as straightforward as it used to before. If you’re thinking of selling your home by yourself, here are some reasons why you should reconsider getting professional help to sell your home.

There is So Much to Learn!

It isn’t easy to sell a house, and this isn’t a skill that you can learn overnight. You’ll have to know where to list, how to list, and how much to list your property for. This is not information that you can simply google. On the other hand, seasoned realtors have access to several listing sites and know how the market moves by the day. They’ll know what is the best price to list your home for to make a sale faster even without going through an appraisal.

You Need Real Market Exposure

There is nothing wrong with telling everyone you know that your property is for sale. Perhaps you can also put up some ‘for sale’ signs in your neighbourhood and host a few open houses; but is that really enough? What are the chances that someone you know or someone who’ll pass by your sign is looking for a new home? You’ll be lucky to find 1 person out of a hundred who’ll pick up the phone and call you. On the other hand, professional realtors and agents make use of several ways to create exposure and generate buzz regarding a property for sale. They also have access to a list of buyers who are already looking so the chances of a good match is simply a lot more. With this said, they’ll also filter out unqualified buyers who just wasting time or just want to go to open houses without truly having the intent to purchase a home.

You Don’t Want to Lose Time, Money, and Effort

Aside from tire kickers who are not truly interested in buying a home, you also stand to lose a lot from the possibility of negotiation fail due to inexperience. The last thing you want is for one small misstep to result in huge financial loses.

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