Right Balcony Etiquette? Is There Really Such a Thing?


The home buying and home selling season in Toronto is still very much on its peak as summer approaches. More people are using their balconies to enjoy the weather outside but some may have forgotten about balcony etiquette. What is balcony etiquette and how should people behave while in their balcony?

Although a balcony is an extension of someone’s home, it doesn’t mean that one can do whatever he or she wants in it. Below is a list of some balcony etiquette to observe to avoid annoying your neighbours.

Cooking in the Balcony

It can get very tempting to have a grill or barbecue set-up in your balcony more so if you do not have another space for such. However, not having space probably means that you live in a condo where your neighbours may be subject to the fumes and smoke from your balcony grill or barbecue set-up. Simply don’t cook in your balcony to avoid issues with your neighbours and getting complaints about a possible fire hazard.

Your Balcony is Your Responsibility

Note that any object thrown off or coming from your balcony will land on someone or something below. Remember this before you plan to create a mini garden that needs frequent watering. How would you like to have water rain down on you if you’re in your neighbour’s shoes below? It also goes without saying that you shouldn’t sweep dirt off your balcony unless you’re really planning to cover your neighbours in dust.

Playing Music from the Balcony

There is no reason to play loud music from your balcony no matter what the occasion is. Remember that you’re sharing the same general space as your neighbours and sound travels far and wide. If you want some loud music, either use some earphones or play it inside your home from where you can better control the noise.

Housing Pets in the Balcony

Having pets in the balcony means that pet fur, as well as noise, will travel to nearby balconies. This can be a big issue if you live in a condo or townhouse and have neighbours beside you and/or below you. Even a bird can get pretty noisy.

Romance in the Balcony

Balconies often come with awesome views and the ambiance in one can be quite romantic. No matter whether you live in the city or the country, note that your balcony can be seen by your neighbours. If you’re doing something private, take it inside your house instead of letting passion take over you in the balcony.

Laundry in the Balcony

You might be tempted to hang dry some laundry in your balcony but unless in very dire circumstances, you really shouldn’t do so. Depending on where you live, hanging laundry in the balcony can be a huge eyesore or a downright safety hazard.

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