Negotiation Tips to Help You Get Your Dream Home


Negotiating is a skill that only a few has a talent for. It requires knowledge, finesse, and experience as well as charm and excellent communication skills. Luckily for you, a professional real estate agent can negotiate on your behalf if you’re aiming for a new home. If you’re curious what negotiation tips often work, below are some of the trade secrets professional real estate agents use for negotiation.

Avoid Talking Too Much

The more you talk, the more details you reveal. It is best to negotiate thinking that all and everything that you say can be used against you so that you can avoid disclosing too much. For example, if a buyer’s agent finds out that you are rushing to sell, they can low-ball you. At the same time, if you’re a buyer who has obviously fallen in-love with a house, the seller’s agent can use that to drive up the price.

Don’t Focus on the Money

The cost of the home is a big part of the negotiation for both parties; however, focusing on price alone can put a damper on things. You can try negotiating on terms or added value such as being allowed to move in sooner or getting a free chair or two that you really love.

Don’t Get Emotional

It is good to add the human element to the negotiation and keep things personal but you shouldn’t get too emotional about it either or take things personally. If the sellers decided to sell to someone else or if the buyers simply did not show up for a showing, know that things like that are expected and do not reflect on you as a buyer or a seller. More so, emotional sellers and buyers can be easily manipulated so it is better to keep a poker face.

Exercise Fairness

A good deal is all about fairness and finding the right balance between both parties’ interests. A good negotiator knows this and uses this when sending proposals to the other party. Although you want your side to win, you’ll also want to consider what the other side may want to arrive at a common ground that both will find appealing.

Research is Key

If you have a professional real estate agent, all or most of the research will already have been done for you but it doesn’t hurt to look up things yourself. It is always smart to have an idea of other local listings and important details about them so you can be in a better position to negotiate either as a buyer or a seller. The same way that disclosing too much information can have a negative impact on you, having access to a lot of information can empower you when negotiating for your dream home.

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