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–  A. Jenkins
The agent was a great guy, highly professional, well organized and well informed. I will recommend him without hesitation. His experience and understanding on the job is a joy to behold.
–  Femi A.
The agent that served us was very personable and professional. The agent worked very hard on our behalf, and we felt very assured in their hands given how stressful selling or buying a house can be.
–  Fergus C.
The feeDuck concept is great, and I was happy to use it.
–  Michael M.
I found the feeDuck service excellent and it worked flawlessly. Saved time and basically did the negotiating for you which I am not good at. Robert G.
–  Robert G.


Closeup portrait of adult couple sitting on floor at their apart

Three Major Factors to Consider When Buying a Home

Closeup portrait of adult couple sitting on floor at their apart

Buying a home is a stressful thing – I mean, it’s not something you do everyday so you want to make sure you’re making the right decision. But what should you look for? We’ve helped thousands of home buyers over the past couple of years and have found that ultimately there are three things you… Read more


Declutter 101: Where Do I Start?


Clutter can be incredibly frustrating. After cleaning sometimes you may be satisfied, but other times your house still looks dirty. What is all this stuff and where did it come from? There’s also multiple forms of clutter. Sometimes it’s obvious, like knickknacks or toys or books. (Things you said you were going to put away… Read more


Yes It IS Possible to Sell Your Home During Christmas


There are many reasons why you may be selling during the holiday season – maybe you’ve finally decided to move across the country in the New Year, you’re getting transferred to another office overseas, or you’re downsizing to a smaller condo so you can finally travel the world. What ever the reason, the holiday season… Read more

Halloween Decor that Isn’t Cheesy

Halloween is such a fun time of year, but over the years, there hasn’t been much progress in the decor department. Since childhood, you’ve seen the same pumpkins, plastic skeletons and hanging ghosts that have become Halloween staples but let’s face it, they ARE a little cheesy.  Since you’re grown up now, why not add some more sophisticated… Read more

Be Comfortable In Your New Home

Even if it’s not your first home, buying a new property is more than finding the perfect 2 bedroom + den with chef’s kitchen in the right neighbourhood and school district.  More than making sure you know about when the windows and roof were last replaced, there are some other factors to consider that go beyond that,… Read more

Grandparents turn 2 old streetcars into a beautiful home

We love homes with character, some kind of unique history that sets them apart from the rest. Well, have a look at this home built by Mary and Gerhard Ringel, retired grandparents who live in Santa Cruz, CA. Measuring a total of 750 square feet, the home includes a full living room, dining room, a bedroom, bathroom, and… Read more

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